1.) Be sure to use total feet when entering numbers (fractions use: .25, .50 or .75).  
  2.) For "Recommended Liner Size" be sure to round the length or width up to the nearest 5' increment for ordering purposes.  
  3.) For "Desired Stream Depth" use fractions: Enter .16 for 2" depth, .25 for 3", .33 for 4", .41 for 5", .50 for 6".  
  4.) Use "TAB" after each entry to submit the numbers.  
  Pond Length   Pond Width   Max Pond Depth     Average Depth   Max Stream Length   Average Stream Width   Desired Stream Depth**  
  Recommended Liner Size:   Feet x Feet    
  Square Feet of Liner:   Square Feet  
  Pond Volume (rectangular):   Gallons (approximate)  
  Pond Volume (oval / eliptical):   Gallons (approximate)  
  Pond Surface Area:   Square Feet  
  Gallons In Stream:   Gallons (approximate)