Here you will find our library of helpful and educational “How To” Series of articles from Steps to Winterize Your Pond to Diagnosing Water Loss, and everything in between. These articles are a great resource for you and your customers.

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How-To Articles

NEW!  How To Series What’s With All The White Foam On My Pond
In this series, we will identify the causes of the appearance of white foam
on a koi pond and/or water garden. There are visual clues to whether it
could be a single cause or a combination of contributing issues. We then
give you steps and products to help stop and prevent foam.

How To Series – Understanding Bacteria & Enzymes (And How They Work – Safely)
In this article, we help make it easier for you to understand how naturally safe
beneficial bacteria and enzymes work to provide quality water conditions in lakes,
ponds, backyard water features and koi ponds.

How To Series – Basalt Features
If you are looking for an easy-to-install and maintain water feature
that will fit in a small or limited space, a Basalt Column Water
Feature is the perfect fit for you.

How To Series – Building Koi Caves and Tunnels
Learn how to build two types of Koi protection features, construction
techniques AND the pros and cons of each feature.

How To Series – Diagnosing Water Loss – Leak or Evaporation
From addressing water evaporation to steps to check for a leak,
this article will help with the process of isolation and elimination
if it is a leak and address evaporation issues.

How To Series – Diagnosing an Ailing Pond
Get help identifiying potential causes of an ailing pond and find
simple solutions to keeping a healthy pond.

How To Series – Diagnosing an Ailing Pond – Checklist
An easy-to-follow checklist for diagnosing your ailing pond
and suggested action steps.

How To Series – Guide to Backyard Pond Water Quality
There are those times when we think we have done everything
right and the results still come up short. This article will provide
steps to identify the problem and the corrective action to take.

How To Series – Guide to Lake and Pond Water Quality
Ponds and lakes are a valuable, natural resource. Understanding
how a pond lives and breathes and choosing the right systems
to help it continue to do so is very important.

How To Series – Pond Aeration for All-Seasons
Learn the importance of oxygen, what oxygen consumers
there are and what type of system you can use to keep it
flowing in your pond year-round.

How To Series – Pond Lighting – Enhance the Time of Enjoyment
Today’s lighting options provide you with the opportunity to take
your water features and landscaping to the next level, as well as
increase the daily hours of enjoyment and season-long rewards.

How To Series – Selecting the Right Pump
Learn the basic flow rate calculations, different types of pumps
and the myths and misconceptions on selecting the correct pump
for your pond.

How To Series – Simplify Filtration Cleaning – The AquaFalls Drain
In a well-balanced pond, meaning proper filtration, beneficial bacteria,
plants and proper fish load, maintenance will be at a minimum. Learn
how to make the process easier and quicker for you.

How To Series – Steps for Pond Spring Opening
Here are 10 easy-to-follow steps to lead you through the cleaning
and start up process of your pond.

How To Series – Steps for Pond Winterizing
Pond owners in winter climate states need to begin preparing for winter
in early fall. It should begin when water temps are in the mid-60s before
the leaves begin to fall. Here are steps to get you ready for winter.

How To Series – Water Temperature Action Guide – Water Gardens and Koi Ponds
This handy guide will give you steps on what you need to do when temps hit
certain degrees for spring opening and winterizing your pond.

How To Series – Water Treatment Basics for Backyard Ponds
Learn how to create the perfectly balanced eco-system in your pond through
proper filtration, plants, aeration and an easy-to-follow water treatment program.

How To Series – You’ll Love That Bottom Drain
Learn the benefits of a bottom drain to help reduce maintenance and how it
contributes to the health and quality of your pond.

How To Series – Offset Reservoir System
Offset Reservoir Systems for safe and secure installation of heavy-weight and larger water features.