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HB11KW Vianti Falls – 11" Spillway kit w/ White LED


Everything you need to build a simple yet beautiful waterfall using the block wall of your choice! Can be installed on decks, patios, indoors – all above grade or buried. With simple elegance the Vianti Falls system adds the beauty of water to any block wall. A stainless steel spillway with internal baffles creates a soothing sheet of water which is recycled inside of the basin below. Illuminating the falls with an optional LED light bar allows for a stunning night time display. Whether indoors or outdoors, the Vianti Falls system by EasyPro will provide a wonderful addition to any patio or entry way.


HB11KW Vianti Falls – 11" Spillway kit w/ White LED

Kit includes:

  • Molded Basin
  • 11″ Vianti Falls Stainless Spillway
  • EasyPro Mag Drive Pump – EP850
  • 11″ LED Warm White Light Strip – LED11WW
  • PVC Flex Pipe and fittings
  • Installation instructions

Additional Information

  • Shipping Notes Dimensional rates apply
  • Tubing 1" x 8'
  • Pump Warranty 3 years
  • Spillway SSS11
  • Capacity 17 gallons
  • Basin RBH29
  • Weight 30
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