C10 Kasco Temperature Only Controller


The Kasco C-10 temperature only controller can save money in reduced electrical usage during winter deicing. When plugged into this device your deicer unit will operate only when freezing conditions exist.


C10 Kasco Temperature Only Controller

The Kasco C-10 thermostat controller is an inexpensive way to control the operation of your de-icer. The C-10 uses an air temperature thermostat to turn the de-icer on when the temperature drops below a set point that you decide. One C-10 controls one 115 volt de-icer.


  1. Plug the C-10 Power Cord into a properly grounded 120V outlet.
  2. Set the temperature you desire the de-icer to come on by rotating the themostat dial to the arrow. It is recommended to set the temperature at 30°F. The C-10 works on temperature fall. When the ambient air temperature reaches the set point on the thermostat, the de-icer will turn on. There is a 2.5°F differential, so when the temperature rises to 2.5°F above the set thermostat temperature, the de-icer will turn off.
  3. Plug the INSTALLED Kasco De-Icer into the piggyback plug of the C-10.

Additional Information

  • Weight 3
  • Manufacturer Kasco
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