HBO16 16″ Infinity Bowl Fountain


The Tranquil Décor 16″ Infinity Bowl Fountain features two integrated carved spillways which provide the effect of a waterfall in a fountain setting. The water flows out of the two spillways as well as cascades down the rippled edges of the bowl, creating a beautiful and captivating sight and sound for any outdoor space.


HBO16 16″ Infinity Bowl Fountain

Basalt Features:

  • The bowl is core drilled wit a 1.25″ (32mm) hole from end to end with the last 1.5″ enlarged to 1.375″ (37mm) to hide the light ring.
  • Two integrated carved spillways
  • Due to natural characteristics of the basalts the size, weight and color will vary.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions 16" W x 8" T
  • Ship Weight (Approx.) 110 lbs
  • Shipping Notes Motor Freight
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