PCD4 EasyPro Training, Seminar and Trade Show Presentations


We are pleased to offer six information packed Power Point presentations – all on one USB drive. Great for sales training, seminar presentations, shows, etc. – each seminar is full of rich photo examples. Includes self looping program for in-store presentations.


PCD4 EasyPro Training, Seminar and Trade Show Presentations
  • Water Features with EasyPro – Provides all the formulas and the step by step processes of planning, quoting and installation of any project
  • Bringing Ponds to Life with Plants and Fish – Full of techniques and photo examples of how to make your projects come to life starting the day you finish the project
  • Effective Pond Filtration – Filtration tips and answers to the most frequent filtration challenges we get calls on, reduce expensive call backs by learning how to fine tune the filtration
  • Pond and Ornamental Fish Care – Focuses on maintaining pond balance naturally, water treatments and fish care symptom, cause, solution based with photo examples for each topic
  • Selecting the Proper Pump – How to select the proper pump for any project
  • Show Booth Presentation – Self looping presentation on EasyPro Pond Products

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