Tranquil Décor Fountains, Water Features Made Simple

Water Features Made Simple

EasyPro carries a wide variety of water features, including our latest collection of Tranquil Décor vases and self-contained fountains made from Déco-Crete. The collection features new styles, colors, and unique acid stain finishes. In addition to providing fantastic visual appeal, the acid stain finish permeates the surface to create a lasting bond and the most durable finish available. Pieces with acid stain have an impressive color retention that will last for years, so you can enjoy your water feature season after season!

The majestic Greek Oil Jar Fountain and beautiful Nova Vase Fountain, for instance, are sure to make a statement with their large size. With integrated plumbing included, these vase fountains are easy to install and connect to the pump. Kits with vase, basin, and pump are available to complete the water feature.

We also offer a host of other DIY kits for additional fountain basins, waterfalls, and a whole array of water features that are not only pleasing and peaceful, but also easy to incorporate into your yard. In fact, building tranquility into your landscape has never been easier! Maintaining your water feature is easy, too, with EasyPro products and accessories — from pumps to lighting elements to filters, and more. Of course, if you have any questions or need any help, just let us know. You can reach our Grant, MI office by dialing 231-834-7720, or connect with us by filling out our online contact form and we’ll be happy to assist you.

A luxurious landscape awaits! Get started today.