HBR3PK Three Piece Large Basalts


Take your bubbling rock installations to a whole new level with these large Basalts. Tranquil Décor Real Basalt columns have unmatched simple beauty. Natural cut sides with polished end make for a beautiful display even if the pump is off.


HBR3PK Three Piece Large Basalts

Sold as a three piece set, these natural basalts are ideal for commercial and upscale residential installations

  • Three pack set of Large Real Basalt columns – one each of 3′, 5′, 7′ columns
  • 14″ – 18″ average diameter
  • Natural tops spill water from various sides
  • 2″ inlet hole is core drilled in the side for use with 1 1/2″ pipe, smooth bottom allows for easier installation
  • Sold only as complete set of three in crate

Due to natural characteristics of the basalts the size, weight and number of sides will vary.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions 3', 5', 7' x 14"-18" avg Diameter
  • Weight 2200
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