SPA-3B Solar Aeration System – Up to Three Acres


SPA-3B Solar Aeration Systems provides remote or off grid pond aeration for up to 3 acres. The battery back up system enables it to run at night or during extended periods of poor weather. When full, the battery capacity is enough to run the system up to three days without any solar input.


SPA-3B Solar Aeration System – Up to Three Acres

SPA-3B Solar Aeration System includes

  • Two solar panels with pole mounting brackets
  • Weather proof cabinet with cooling fan, programmable timer and sound reduction foam
  • Two 24 volt compressors
  • Adjustable aluminum valve manifold
  • Four high capacity batteries
  • Three air diffusers
  • 1/2″ weighted tubing and equipment pad are sold separately

Additional Information

  • Dimensions Cabinet Dimensions: 20"w x 36"l x 27"t
  • Tubing
    • 100' tubing - L5PVC1
    • 500' tubing - L5PVCR
  • Voltage 24v
  • Maximum Air Flow 1 CFM per Compressor
  • Maximum Depth 15' Max Operating Depth
  • Weight 1
  • In Aeration Acres 3 Acres
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