EL2424 Pro-Series Large Pond Kit – Complete for 24′ X 24′ Pond


This PRO-SERIES pond system eliminates the time and guess work of assembling a pond package, everything you need is included. All components are top quality and long lasting – providing years of enjoyment to the owner! However, due to the unique nature of large pond and waterfall applications most of these jobs are custom designed to fit your exact needs. Please email or fax us a drawing of your project and let us help you design your water feature.

This kit includes the NEW 45 mil EPDM rubber liner DuraLiner™ click here to learn more.


EL2424 Pro-Series Large Pond Kit – Complete for 24′ X 24′ Pond

All Pro-Series “EL” kits Include:

  • DuraLiner™ 45 mil EPDM liner
  • Liner underlayment
  • Large Pro-Series skimmer (PS2FB)
  • Large Pro-Series AquaFalls filter/waterfall base (AL)
  • 9,000 GPH or larger submersible pump
  • 3″ check valve assembly
  • 3″ flexible PVC pipe
  • One gallon beneficial pond bacteria (ASB128)
  • Four underwater lights with transformer
  • WIK2 installation kit which includes PVC primer, glue, liner patch, black foam and two tubes of silicone

Additional Information

  • Shipping Notes Ships by motor freight
  • Pond Size 24' x 24'
  • Liner Size 30' x 30'
  • Skimmer PS2FB
  • Filter AL
  • Tubing 3" X 50'
  • Lighting (4) LED6WW
  • Extension Cord LEDEX6
  • Pond Gallons 10000 gallons
  • Pump Warranty 2 year
  • Transformer EPT45
  • Weight 695
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