LBA32 – Bodied Adhesive for Alpha Liner – 1 Quart


The vinyl cement (bodied adhesive) provided by Alpha Liner is for use as a contact adhesive for PVC-based vinyl products. When properly applied, tests show the adhesive provides a super strong, waterproof, flexible bond for PVC geomembrane materials. It is highly resistant to temperature and weather extremes and is excellent for patching and sealing PVC geomembrane.


LBA32 – Bodied Adhesive for Alpha Liner – 1 Quart

Clean both surfaces before cementing. For optimum results, the adhesive should be applied with a brush, although a roller may be used.

  • Approx. 35 linear feet of seaming
  • Color: Clear solution
  • Solvent: (clean-up) MEK
  • Storage Life: One year
  • Effect of Freezing: Keep from freezing
  • Extremely Flammable: Use in a well ventilated area

Additional Information

  • Size 1 Quart
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