DKDW60 Air De-Icing System for Deep Water – up to 60′ dock


Diffused Air De-Icing Systems: Protect your dock from costly ice damage

Diffused air de-icing systems are an excellent choice for keeping water open during the winter around boat lifts, docks, piers, marinas and other structures. Damage repair and labor costs to remove or install your dock every year can be expensive. For just a few dollars per month in electric, a diffused air system will maintain open water and protect your dock from ice damage. A minimum of three foot deep water is needed for diffused air to be effective.


DKDW60 Air De-Icing System for Deep Water – up to 60′ dock

Four diffuser system with SRC50 compressor for depths 7’+ and docks up to 60′ long.

  • SRC50 Stratus rocking piston compressor is energy efficient and powerful for deeper water
  • Four self-weighted DM2 air diffusers
  • 150′ of 3/8″ Quick sink tubing for easy installation
  • Weather resistant cabinet enclosure – for additional protection from elements
  • Two year warranty on compressor, Five year warranty on tubing/diffusers

Additional Information

  • Tubing 150 ft of 3/8" Quick Sink
  • Voltage 115v
  • Watts 340w - 586w
  • Maximum Air Flow 4.5 cfm
  • Maximum Depth 50'
  • Weight 103 lbs
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